Your potential leads are online, there is a huge opportunity. Let us help you seize that opportunity.

We empower professionals and businesses across various fields, including law firms, plumbers, dentist, wedding planners, photographers, and e-commerce businesses. FREE consultation, Nothing to loose!

  • Expertise in SEO Algorithms:  Mastering Google's algorithms, we consistently secure top search rankings for our clients through strategies like SEO Keywords & Intent search volume, Link building, and Local SEO.

  • Flexible and Affordable: Our services are budget-friendly, with no long-term commitments. Begin your marketing journey at a low cost, and expand at your own pace, including PPC advertising and Social Media Marketing.

  • Proven Lead Generation: Our primary focus is delivering quality leads through expert Lead Generation techniques, Conversion rate optimization, and effective Online Advertising strategies.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Solutions:  From A.I Automation to SMS Marketing & Email Marketing, we cover a wide spectrum of marketing services, including Google My Business, Google Ads, and SMS Marketing, ensuring your business growth.

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Our Services

SKILLS72 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

SKILLS72 A.I Automation

A.I Automation 

Skills72 Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation

Google Ads

Google My Business

PPC Advertising 

Email/SMS Marketing

Online Reputation

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics 

Google Console & SEO

Video Marketing

Hashtag Optimization

BackLinks & Local SEO

Competitor Research

Market Analysis 

”It's never been better time to bring in 100+ leads month after month for your business. Try SKILLS72 today and enjoy significant online business growth”

Arun - Company CEO

Why US?

Our team of passionate marketers live and breathe digital to drive innovation and unmatched ROI for our clients' organizations. We become an invaluable extension of your team to transform your vision into thriving success stories.

Digital marketing experts dedicated to growing businesses through meaningful relationships and a testing-and-learning mindset. 

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What do we do?

We unleash the power of intelligent marketing automation to accelerate results for clients. Our A.I. and automation simplify tedious tasks so our experts can focus on high-level digital strategy. We empower businesses to outperform through data-driven, ever-evolving online growth tactics.

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Our Services:

Real Results, No Gimmicks. 
Our virtual assistants start at just $7.99/hr (minimums apply) to fuel your business growth through outsourced support. Combine them with our A.I.-powered workflows to automate critical tasks - creating a productivity engine for surging success.

The future of work is here. Are you ready to accelerate?

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Our team leverages the perfect blend of creativity and technology to drive innovations that captivate your audience and boost conversions. By understanding your unique business needs, we craft custom solutions that catapult your success across all key objectives. The possibilities are truly endless when we combine our expertise with your ambitions.

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Business Automation & Virtual Assistants [click here]

Our Virtual Assistants handle time-consuming responsibilities - data entry, scheduling, customer service and more - freeing up your capacity. By integrating A.I. and outsourced talent (VA), we create an automation powerhouse to streamline operations. 

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Trustable Partner [click here]

Our proven success record of driving ROI for clients spurs from a testing-and-learning mindset. We give you full visibility as we optimize campaigns. And our months-to-cancel contracts grant flexibility as we adapt solutions to reach evolving goals. Invest trust in us, and watch us turn it into tangible growth.

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A.I - Integrate A.I. to Streamline Your Small Business [click here]

Our A.I. marketing assistant works 24/7 to improve performance across sales and marketing initiatives. Intelligent workflows created just for you handle repetitive admin tasks seamlessly. We customize automation roadmaps to save you time on everything from data entry to customer follow-ups so you can focus on innovation. And as your business evolves, our machine learning models continually optimize to drive new efficiencies. Let us simplify operations today to accelerate growth for tomorrow

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At Skills72, we’ve taken the consultancy concept one step further by offering a full service management with expertise at every level.

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Business Automation & Outsource Planning [click here]

Skills72 partners with businesses to provide strategic and tactical consulting, including outsource planning, business automation, A.I Automation and LEAD management marketing tips.

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Trustable Partner [click here]

Building your team is an investment. You need to be able to trust the group with whom you partner and know that the results are going to be worthwhile.

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A.I - Integrate A.I for your small business [click here]

Periodically it's mandatory to take a step back and analyze the entire engagement. It's good to know how we can integrate latest A.I technology for your small business to function effectively.

A.I with Offshore outsourcing is a double win for your business!
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Affordable Options

Our packages are designed to fit the budgets of all companies from startups to well established organizations looking for premium services.



Startup friendly package with the minimum necessities for a fast market growth and revenue increase.

  •  A.I based smart website.
       Local SEO friendly website
       (domain not included)

  •  Lead tracking phone number

  •  Intent keyword research & SEO 



All the options for a complete business internet marketing. Only the highest quality and huge value.

  •  Marketing automation & workflows

  •  GMB & Social Media presence

  •  SMS & Video marketing ($$ extras)

  •  Social Media Marketing Integrations



Custom package for a fast market growth, brand awareness and
revenue increase.

  •  Google - Search console, analytics,
        Tag & more measurements

  •  PPC Advertising & robot ad bidding

  •  Many more services -
        Get ready to see rocket in action!


    We've launched our services during covid, a difficult time during year 2020, since then we never stopped delivering great services and value to our customers.

    Our Story

    Having good knowledge about the resources you need to carry out your plan is very important. We can help you establish them, just give us a call or contact us using form below in the contact section.

    2020 - 2021

    Owner formed the business & started foundation work

    2021 - 2022

    We hired more colleagues and grown as a small team

    2022 - 2023

    Business services have been great, got our 1st client!


     Skills72 Digital Marketing Agency
    Suite 100, c/o Linga,
    875 Highway 3 N, Northfield,
    MN 55057, U.S.A

    About Skills72

    Your business is more than just a product or service. It's a passion, a dream, a vision.

    Let us help you bring that vision to life with our expertise. Don't procrastinate!

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